Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An exhausting, terribly frigid day.

This morning I woke up and read the newspaper over breakfast. That's one of my favorite things. It makes me feel like I know what's going on. And my grandma made me breakfast so it was doubly awesome!
I had a haircut in the late morning, and haircuts are another thing I love. I look like a stud now too. At that point my day was soaring high. Then we started shopping. I didn't mean for that to sound ominous or anything though. I WAS having an awesome day UNTIL WE WENT SHOPPING. I'm all for a good shop. The problem was I've been having backaches lately, and it was so cold outside walking between the stores. But I did get a wonderful "Penn State Water Polo" shirt and I got registered for a 5K here tomorrow. Sounds awfully exciting to me. They call a Resolution Run, and I guess there aren't many better ways to start off the new year.
At this point I was probably hungrier than the entire Pittsburgh Zoo so we went and got grilled cheese and shakes at the fabled establishment "The Corner Room." So good! And french fries were free!
Then I came home and tried to read Gulliver but I accidentally fell asleep somewhere between when he was learning about how the natives bury their dead upside down so that when the world flips over and the dead are resurrected they'll be ready to haunt, and when he was destroying the fleet of a neighboring little nation. It's an oddly interesting little book.

I'm not entirely confident about my efforts today, but I could catch the old timer off guard.
Today in history, the USS Monitor sank off the coast of North Carolina in 1862. That's a real tragedy, but there's a really good song by Bishop Allen about the history of the ironclad entitle "The Monitor." (go figure.)
In 1953, the first color tv set went on sale. Ritzy!
In 1977, Ted Bundy escaped from prison. A second time.

Aside from the color tv thing, history was a real letdown today, and I didn't even include some of the more grotesque bombings and executions that also made the list. Regardless, I'm happy to accept the title of winner today.

Hope it's a good one,

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