Saturday, January 2, 2010

A horrible day.

History's got me in a landslide victory today. I spent half the day in a return trip from my grandmother's house in the car, and the other half being sick and doing homework. Oh man. My head is so congested and I have so much homework. So forgive me for my brevity.

Today in history, the planet Vulcan was discovered in 1860. Never hoid of it!
In 1900, John Hay announced the institution of the Open Door Policy promoting trade with China. Sounds good to me.
In 1959, the USSR launched the first space shuttle to orbit the sun. Way to go!
In 2001, Sila Calderon became the first female governor of Puerto Rico. Kudos!

Man that was a horrible day. History surely blew me out of the water. Sorry about the subpar post.

Hope it was a good one,

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