Sunday, January 3, 2010

A not so great day.

I had the most trouble sleeping last night. Couldn't fall asleep until well after two. So I slept until noon even though I have so much homework. I wrote a DBQ today and read a lot of Gulliver's Travels which I am getting pretty tired of. I still have to do an entire project before Wednesday. And another project before next Monday. And memorize two pieces by Wednesday. And on top of it all I am sick. What a horrible horrible week this is going to be.
I'd say the only good things about today were that I had band practice and it was fun, and that the Sabres won their fourth game in a row. Good going guys!

I'm going to take a wild guess that history has one upped me a second day in a row. (Sorry for my snootiness.)
In 1496, Da Vinci unsuccessfully tested a flying machine. Poor guy. He was unbelievably interesting, I read a biography on him. If I think of the name I'll let you know. It was a good one.
On this day in 1921, Turkey made peace with America. That's definitely good news.
In 1959, Alaska was admitted as a US state. Yay Eskimos!
In 1962, Pope John XXIII excommunicates Fidel Castro. HAHAHA. Oh man. That's classic John XXIII.

Easy win for history today.

Hope it's a good one,

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  1. Hmmm. Interesting. I don't quite get the premise of the blog. Are you a teacher? A student of life? I'm glad I don't have to read "Gulliver's Travels." I came here via the line drawing blog.