Friday, January 1, 2010

A brand new day.

Today was a day centered upon the very core of my values, and what better a day for one such as this. Kicking off this new year, I spent the morning, afternoon, and evening with the people I love, my family. My philosophy is that relationships are the most important things. Regardless of status, accomplishment, or possessions, your treatment of those around you is really all you have to show for yourself.
Anyway, enough of that sentimental New Years garbage. This morning I played some hoops in the snow with my uncle and cousins. We walked to the park, shoveled off the court and got down to some ballin'. That was a lot of fun. My team won.
When we came home everybody was watching football, but I watched the Winter Classic with my aunt because we both think football takes too long. It started out as a pretty bad game, but it was nice to see the intensity level in the third period and overtime even if I wasn't very concerned with the outcome.
Then we once again had a feast and I was more than contented, two fold sated. Past that, I'm not really sure where the day went. Later in the evening we had a family Christmas present opening, and I got money from everybody. That's pretty cool. I guess I'll just have to work on not spending it all. My grandma beat me in Scrabble after I had won last night and my mom the two nights before. But at least I won one of the four. And I got my first Scrabble in my entire life!So awesome!

So that was my New Years Day. Maybe it doesn't seem all that standout, but there's something that's tough to beat about quality family time.
In 1808, the importation of slavery was banned in the United States. That was a good start. Got the ball rolling.
In 1925, Hubble discovered galaxies beyond the Milky Way. Way cool!
IN 1949, War ceases between India and Pakistan. That is always good.
In 1995, the WTO goes into effect. Cool beans.

Despite the risk of sounding lame, I'm going to call it a tie again. Although history brought nothing but good stuff today, I think I had a pretty special day myself.

Hope it's a good one,

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  1. i definitely think history has won the last two dayss.....sorry...